What is the outlook for mercantilism in Europe?

Opinion by Fabrizio Quirighetti In Europe, mercantilism is surviving, but is clearly no longer thriving. The UK’s current woes make this all the more apparent. Its economy’s fundamentals bear an increasing resemblance to an emerging economy, or rather a submerged economy in this case, given the continuous growth of public and private debt, deindustrialisation, chronic […]

DECALIA’s strong commitment to the Swiss German market in Zurich

DECALIA is pleased to announce its #development within the Swiss German market with the arrival of Susanne Kitscha-Lambillon as Director and Senior Wealth Manager in its Zurich office. With its three core businesses of Wealth Management, Asset Management – mainly #thematic and #sustainable – as well as Private Markets, with private debt products or direct participations in various #Swiss companies through its subsidiary DECALIA Capital SA, DECALIA has significantly […]

DECALIA SA becomes CDP Investor Signatory

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system. Each year CDP supports thousands of companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and deforestation. In 2022, CDP have achieved astounding results, with more than 5’000 companies disclosing crucial data on environmental impacts […]

DECALIA stellt Jonathan Graas zur Stärkung des Teams für thematische Anlagen und der ESG-Kompetenz ein

Mit der Einstellung von Jonathan Graas als Senior Portfolio Manager will die in der Schweiz ansässige Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft DECALIA ihre ESG-Kompetenz und ihren Investmentprozess bei Aktienanlagen stärken. Jonathan Graas, der zuvor bei Degroof Petercam Asset Management (DPAM) tätig war, verstärkt das Investmentteam des DECALIA Sustainable SOCIETY Fund und wird Co-Manager des DECALIA Circular Economy Fonds. ‚Um […]

DECALIA frischt Management mit neuem Partner auf

Der in Genf ansässige Vermögensverwalter DECALIA hat einen langjährigen Kadermann ins Partnergremium berufen. Die Partner des Genfer Asset Managers DECALIA haben Anfang Juli 2022 Nicolò Miscioscia zum Partner in ihrem Management Committee ernannt, wie der Firmenwebseite zu entnehmen ist. Nachdem Nicolò Miscioscia mehrere Jahre lang die Abteilung Private Markets geleitet hat, wird er den Platz von Isabella Pedrazzini in der Geschäftsleitung […]

DECALIA Capital, subsidiary of DECALIA SA, has structured a minority investment in EDGE Strategy

DECALIA Capital is pleased to announce that on the 1st of July 2022 it successfully structured a minority stake investment into Edge Strategy, a leading global SaaS-based solution to measure, improve and certify gender and intersectional equity, in order to accelerate the international development and support the Founder, Aniela Unguresan, and her management team. EDGE […]

Acquisition of a Logistics Asset in Meyrin/Satigny (GE) for Varia Swiss Realtech Properties

Varia Swiss Realtech Properties continues to successfully expand its commercial portfolio with the acquisition of a new logistic/industrial asset strategically located in the dynamic area of Meyrin/Satigny (Geneva). This acquisition is part of a short-term re-leasing strategy, to be followed by a redevelopment of the 11’000 sqm plot. Largely oriented towards light industrial and logistics […]