And the ESG winner is…

As the “Qatar World Cup of Shame”, to quote Amnesty International, sees the top football nations compete in brand new air-conditioned stadiums, we in true DECALIA tradition – and with perhaps just a touch of irony – propose an alternative competition. One in which these 32 countries win or lose their games based not on […]

Investing in US sports: more than a game

Enticing, less correlated returns for those with an entry ticket Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio Manager of Private Markets Strategies Read our latest Private Markets quarterly article US Sports Investing: More Than A Game, discussing how the US sports industry has begun to open up to institutional capital, creating attractive opportunities for the early movers in […]

What is the outlook for mercantilism in Europe?

Opinion by Fabrizio Quirighetti In Europe, mercantilism is surviving, but is clearly no longer thriving. The UK’s current woes make this all the more apparent. Its economy’s fundamentals bear an increasing resemblance to an emerging economy, or rather a submerged economy in this case, given the continuous growth of public and private debt, deindustrialisation, chronic […]

Auf dem Weg zu einer sinnvolleren Kreislaufwirtschaft

Interview mit Alexander Roose, Head of Equities, und Jonathan Graas, Lead Fund Manager Der DECALIA Circular Economy Fund investiert in den Übergang zu einer Kreislaufwirtschaft. Die Einführung zirkulärer Geschäftsmodelle bietet ein enormes Potenzial. Folgendes sollten Sie darüber wissen: Kreislaufwirtschaft bedeutet weit mehr als nur das Recycling gebrauchter Produkte Sie umfasst zwei Komponenten, einen technischen und […]

DECALIA’s strong commitment to the Swiss German market in Zurich

DECALIA is pleased to announce its #development within the Swiss German market with the arrival of Susanne Kitscha-Lambillon as Director and Senior Wealth Manager in its Zurich office. With its three core businesses of Wealth Management, Asset Management – mainly #thematic and #sustainable – as well as Private Markets, with private debt products or direct participations in various #Swiss companies through its subsidiary DECALIA Capital SA, DECALIA has significantly […]

New forex order

In an inflationary world, long live the strongest currencies – USD and CHF notably At the corporate level, this new forex order is reshuffling competitiveness cards Consumers too may be laughing or crying, depending on where they live and travel Massive stock market correction, bond crash and extraordinary greenback appreciation: 2022 will certainly be remembered […]

Private Debt Investor and DECALIA

Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio Manager, Private Market Solutions DECALIA, spoke at the PDI Europe Summit in #London last week about the democratisation of private markets and how specialised private credit is an ideal route for wealth managers and individual investors to start building an #allocation in private markets. Thanks to @Andy Thomson (Senior Editor, Private Debt Investor) for chairing and Anna Barath, CFA (Bite […]

DECALIA SA becomes CDP Investor Signatory

CDP is a not-for-profit charity that runs the global disclosure system. Each year CDP supports thousands of companies, cities, states and regions to measure and manage their risks and opportunities on climate change, water security and deforestation. In 2022, CDP have achieved astounding results, with more than 5’000 companies disclosing crucial data on environmental impacts […]

DECALIA stellt Jonathan Graas zur Stärkung des Teams für thematische Anlagen und der ESG-Kompetenz ein

Mit der Einstellung von Jonathan Graas als Senior Portfolio Manager will die in der Schweiz ansässige Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft DECALIA ihre ESG-Kompetenz und ihren Investmentprozess bei Aktienanlagen stärken. Jonathan Graas, der zuvor bei Degroof Petercam Asset Management (DPAM) tätig war, verstärkt das Investmentteam des DECALIA Sustainable SOCIETY Fund und wird Co-Manager des DECALIA Circular Economy Fonds. ‚Um […]