Precision medicine could impact healthcare

With Roberto Magnatantini, CFA, Lead Portfolio Manager at DECALIA and specialist in #health and #longevity thematics, discover how #PrecisionMedicine is transforming standard #treatments into tailor-made therapies based on a patient’s unique #genetics. hashtag#ThematicInvesting hashtag#SecularTrends hashtag#InnovativeApproach hashtag#FutureOfMedicine Maya Plentz The UN Brief

DECALIA Top 50 IAMs 2024

We are delighted to announce that DECALIA has once again been selected by Citywire Switzerland in the top 50 Swiss Independent Asset Managers #2024 ranking 🔥🔥! #Innovating is at the core of DECALIA’s investment #philosophy, and we are proud to be recognised for our efforts both in public and private markets. Great teamwork!! #CwTop50IAM #AssetManagement […]

DECALIA in Private Debt Investor

For their latest cover story on the outlook for private credit, Private Debt Investor talked to “some of the asset class’s most prominent supporters”.  Reji Vettasseri from DECALIA Private Markets was one of them and gives his views.

How emerging managers can stand out in a tough environment

Launching a new fund during the current challenging #fundraising#environment might seem like an impossible task. However, some managers are bucking the #trend with a variety of unconventional #strategies and innovative approaches.At the table: Roxana Mirica, Paul Newsome, Joanna Ernst, Eleanor Blagbrough, Nicolo Miscioscia, Partner and Head of Private Markets at DECALIA, Jean-Marc Jabre, Mark Vidamour, Ryan Taylor, moderated by Taku Dzimwasha, editor, Real Deals.

DECALIA in the top 50 IAM by Citywire Switzerland

We are delighted to announce that DECALIA has once again been selected by Citywire Switzerland in the top 50 Swiss Independent Asset Managers #2023 ranking🔥🔥! #Innovating is at the core of DECALIA’s investment #philosophy, and we are proud to be recognised for our efforts both in public and private markets.  Great teamwork!!

DECALIA’s article in the Private Debt Investor

Why it’s time for LPs to seek out the niches?In a recent article, Private Debt Investor talked to Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio Manager for Private Credit at DECALIA, and other leading #investors about why niche private debt #strategies are unusually well positioned in a macro #environment characterised by increased complexity and higher #rates.

Das Universum der Zirkulären Wirtschaft wächst immer Weiter

Interview mit Jonathan Graas, Fondsmanager, DECALIA Jonathan Graas ist dem Managementteam von DECALIA beigetreten. Er wird sich dabei unter anderem denjenigen Fonds widmen, die sich thematisch mit den Megatrends und der Kreislaufwirtschaft beschäftigen. In der Kreislaufwirtschaft sieht er ein starkes Wachstumspotenzial, da sich Unternehmen zunehmend mit Fragen auseinandersetzen, welche die Grundlagen ihres eigenen Wirtschaftens betreffen. Welche […]

Finding gold in the silver generation

Roberto Magnatantini explains to Gill Newton why all his holdings are exposed to the aging population theme, how ESG is integrated into investment approaches and which companies have ‘outstanding’ IR. How does DECALIA fit into the Geneva-based investment community? DECALIA is ranked among the Top 50 independent asset managers in Switzerland by Citywire. The firm is also […]

Thematic pioneer

DECALIA’s Alfredo Piacentini looks to continue his thematic innovation Having founded – and grown – two companies in under 20 years, Alfredo Piacentini is not afraid of venturing off the beaten path. In 1996, he started Banque Syz alongside Paolo Luban – who now sits on DECALIA’s board of directors – and Eric Syz and […]

Ein neuer Start für Wasserstoff

Fünfzig Jahre nach dem Beitrag zum Erfolg der Apollo-11-Mission tritt Wasserstoff infolge der Energiewende und des Kriegs in der Ukraine erneut ins Rampenlicht. Bevor das Potenzial von Wasserstoff voll ausgeschöpft werden kann, sind etwas Geduld und kurzfristige Investitionsstrategien erforderlich, wie uns Alexander Roose hier erläutert. Das war vor etwas mehr als einem halben Jahrhundert – […]