The great demographic challenge

If deciphering the economic cycle has never been this difficult, it is certainly because other, more structural forces are currently at play. Beyond complicating the interpretation of economic reports, the Covid pandemic and subsequent war in Ukraine have also served to accelerate some underlying trends. It is quite possible that we stand today on the […]

Is there a big canary in the mine’s financial pipes?

Considering the increase in US long rates (both nominal and real ones) over the last few weeks, the ongoing disinflation process and the renewed strength of the greenback lately, gold prices in USD have proved more resilient than expected so far this year. Especially if you remember what happened during the tapper tantrum in 2013… […]

Private credit in a golden moment

Reji Vettasseri. Lead Portfolio Manager of DECALIA Private Credit Strategies The Rise Of Private Credit Earlier this year, Blackstone’s president Jonathan Gray claimed that private credit had entered a “golden moment”. This sentiment, and often the phrase itself, has since been frequently repeated by top brass at firms from BlackRock to Goldman to JP Morgan. […]

DECALIA at IPEM in Paris

DECALIA Private Markets team participated at #IPEM in Paris, one of the world’s leading private markets events. Thank you IPEM for inviting Nicolo Miscioscia, Partner and Head of Private Markets, to the panel discussion on Emerging Managers with industry leaders (Bpifrance, Unigestion and Neuberger Berman). Nicolo Miscioscia Rafaella Ostier Francesco Figliomeni Franco Maria Facecchia

Karting with WIZE by TeamWork

Thanks to WIZE by TeamWork for organising such a fun #activity! We had a great time 🏎 🏎! Sandro Occhilupo, CFA Bernard Allseits Jonathan Graas, CFAQuirien Lemey, CFAIana Perova

The longevity revolution

The investment theme focusing on Aging Populations is stronger than ever. Barron’s, The Economist, Netflix, seem to agree with us. Dive into DECALIA’s expertise. Details? Just ask. More Americans Are Working Into Their 80s. What’s Keeping Them in the Workforce. As the baby boomers age, it’s becoming more common for people to remain employed into […]

Navigating through a CCC backdrop (Confusing, Contradictory & Challenging)

While China is facing structural risks from the 3Ds of Debt, Demographics and Deflation as recently coined by Morgan Stanley, the macro backdrop could be defined as CCC with economic data sending Confusing and somewhat Contradictory messages in an overall still Challenging context. Let’s take the latest US data released on Friday. Beyond the upside […]

Embracing a shame-free future for air travel

Beneath the majestic sweep of an airplane’s wings lies a world of contradictions. For the excitement of discovering new destinations often also entails guilt about the carbon footprint that such travel leaves. What if we could ease this conflict and find a way to balance our desire to fly with that of taking care of […]