How AI is shifting software dynamics key insights

By Quirien Lemey, Co-lead Portfolio Manager for DECALIA Sustainable strategy Software and the state of AI We wanted to provide an update on the current state of the software sector and the significant impact of AI-related spending. In light of recent meetings with various software companies, it’s become evident that the industry is encountering some […]

It’s not all about AI

Relatively simple business models can also be highly rewarding for investors. Industrial distributors have not only proved so in the past but are today being eyed by renowned businessman Brad Jacobs. With AI all the rage on (and off) stock markets, and a subject rather for experts, we thought readers might find an article about […]

DECALIA finalist at RealDeals ESG awards

We are delighted to share that DECALIA’s private markets hashtag#programme has been shortlisted as a hashtag#finalist in the Real Deals ESG Awards for the third year running. Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio Manager of DECALIA’s hashtag#PrivateCredit programme commented:“With 44% of capital in our flagship programme committed to hashtag#impactful hashtag#deals, we are committed to going beyond hashtag#industry […]

Cocorico dependent

France is currently drawing a lot of worldwide attention from both sports commentators, with the entry of the “onze de France” into the Euro foot tonight and the incoming Olympic games in Paris, and investors with French political uncertainties weighing on sentiment after French President Macron called a snap election. As a result, European equity […]

Precision medicine could impact healthcare

With Roberto Magnatantini, CFA, Lead Portfolio Manager at DECALIA and specialist in #health and #longevity thematics, discover how #PrecisionMedicine is transforming standard #treatments into tailor-made therapies based on a patient’s unique #genetics. hashtag#ThematicInvesting hashtag#SecularTrends hashtag#InnovativeApproach hashtag#FutureOfMedicine Maya Plentz The UN Brief

Victory belongs to the most tenacious

Last week, my column was devoted to the virtue of patience and the many similarities between sport and the financial markets, including the importance of uncertainty and how to manage it in both with predictions and strategies. I concluded with a reminder of our scenario for inflation and rates leading to a cautious stance on […]

DECALIA & HackSummit with Andrea Biscia

Save the date! 13-14 June #2024, Andrea Biscia, CFA, DECALIA Private Markets Investment team, will join the HackSummit, and participate in a panel discussion “Attracting Traditional Finance for ClimateTech”. 👉 Please feel free to contact Andrea, he will be happy to get in touch with you. See you in Lausanne! 🚀 🚀

Patience is definitively a virtue

For those of you who read me regularly, you all know my passion for sports and financial markets. For sure, I would have preferred to make a living from my first passion, but the bar is certainly less high in the second. Anyway, I can’t complain because there are many similarities between the two, which […]

Bitcoin, devil or angel?

The first few months of 2024 have again proved choppy times for bitcoin, whose price started by soaring to an all-time high at over USD 73,000 on 14 March, before correcting sharply, recovering much of the lost ground and then dropping again. As of early May, bitcoin was down ca. 23% from its peak, but […]