Private Markets

DECALIA approach

Welcome to the world of Private Markets.

At DECALIA, we believe that Private Markets should be a long-term structural component of asset allocation for all sophisticated investors.

Private Markets represent an important part of the world economy and an increasing proportion of investor assets.


Our approach

  • Our vision: build a unique Private Markets platform, focusing on specialized and innovative approaches.
  • Our objective: provide superior risk-adjusted investment opportunities, in which Decalia partners are the first investors.

Our team has developed a unique capability to act as strategic partner and accelerator for the most talented emerging management teams.

This approach allows us to bridge the gap between investors and under-radar, innovative investment opportunities, to offer ready-to-invest institutional quality investments that target superior returns.


Our research requirements

Typical situations to extract abnormal risk-adjusted value:

  1. Strong specialization: approaches tailored to specific sophisticated industries
  2. Innovative instruments: financial engineering which provides a real competitive advantage
  3. Dislocated market: abnormal market conditions that allow a risk arbitrage

We are looking for:

  • Absolute return
  • Decorrelation
  • Asymmetrical risk-adjusted returns
  • Limited lock-up

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