DECALIA & SuperReturn in Berlin

Save the date! 4-7 June #2024, Andrea Biscia, CFA, DECALIA Private Markets Investment team, will be joining SuperReturn, the premier event for private hashtag#capital hashtag#professionals. 👉 Please feel free to contact Andrea, he will be happy to get in touch with you.➡ Book here: See you in Berlin! 🚀 🚀 hashtag#PrivateEquity hashtag#PrivateMarkets hashtag#PrivateCapital hashtag#PrivateDebt […]

Golden Sun

Against all expectations, the Cagliari Calcio was able to draw with Inter yesterday evening and take home a valuable point from their trip to Milan in the race to stay in Serie A. Speaking about surprising result, valuable stuff and a golden sun symbol of light and life for my favorite soccer team, gold seems […]

No landing and low inflation? Yes, it can!

We got two positive surprises lately. The first one we almost got used to it, the US economy doesn’t show any signs of landing since the US ISM manufacturing rebounded above 50 in March and the non-farm payrolls (NFP) increased again more than expected last month as they rose +303k vs. +215k expected and +270k […]

Embracing AI in Hollywood – and beyond

When the Writers Guild of America finally lifted its 148-day long strike in late September 2023, it hailed a major victory in the battle over the use of AI in the film and TV industry. The terms of the agreement signed with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers preclude studios from resorting to […]

Precision medicine: a new era for healthcare

Interview with Roberto Magnatantini, Senior Equity Fund Manager and Iana Perova, Equity Analyst Earlier this year, we introduced our new Wellness Series, where we shine a spotlight on the most captivating health trends, bringing you insights into the most recent and intriguing developments in the realm of well-being. What used to be the stuff of […]

Jordan vs. Maradona… What the King would say?

March Madness… It has to be said that the term is certainly not overused this year! A prestigious “Mannshaft” victory against France (we were no longer used to seeing Germany win, whether in sport or economics), the Prancing Horse overtaking again its rivals with an unexpected double for Ferrari at the F1 Australian Grand Prix, […]

Banking on?

Let’s speak about losers today… I will directly skip the mortifying defeat of Cagliari Calcio against Monza this week-end (superb free-kick from Daniel Madini, the son of Paolo and grand-son of Cesare) or the elimination of Inter Milan from the Champion’s league, to focus on the sector investors love to hate, or rather have learned […]

DECALIA & SuperReturn

Earlier this week, DECALIA was out in force at SuperReturn Credit, where a growing number of #investors gathered to discuss the fast developing private credit #asset class. Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio Manager for #PrivateCredit, spoke on a panel discussing Asset Backed Lending, highlighting the increasing variety of #strategies now available within private credit, and he […]

Not yet there… Forza Lazio tonight?

“Un mars et ça repart !”. So far, so good, indeed, especially for the Cagliari Calcio, who beat Salernitana 4-2 this weekend to jump from 19th to 14th place in the Serie A ranking. That’s not only my favorite Italian soccer club ranking that’s melting up, but also risk-on assets with the Europe Stoxx 600 closing […]