Navigating the European Fundraising Landscape: 28 mar – 30 mar 2023

Join Reji Vettasseri from DECALIA who will be discussing the current state of the European #fundraising market at the 0100 Conference Europe. Reji will provide us with insights into the current sentiment on the fundraising market as well as delve into the types of funds that LPs are currently focusing on, and if there has been any change in their focus […]

The Pod Generation selected at Sundance Film Festival

DECALIA is proud to witness “The Pod Generation” selected at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival. The film has been financed by Take 2 Fund, a private credit fund specialised on film financing, launched with our talented partners Align Pictures US.Well done Adrian and Nadia! Top cast : Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones), Chiwetel Ejiofor, Kathryn Hunter, Jean-Marc Barr […]

IPEM Private Markets conference in Cannes

January 23-25, 2023Palais des Festivals 📢 DECALIA will be participating in the upcoming IPEM Private Markets conference in Cannes.Reji Vettasseri will be leading a panel discussion on the topic of “2023: A Stress Test for Private Markets?”. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with industry leaders and gain insights on the future of private markets. Meet our team: Rafaella Ostier, Business […]

10 predictions for 2023 (part 2)

Here are the key takeaways: Last week, I shared with you my first 5 out of 10 predictions that could shape financial markets and portfolio returns this year. As we enter 2023 -and as a reminder-, our central macro scenario may be summed up as “less growth (but no hard landing), sticky inflation and higher […]

Time for silicon carbide to shine

Interview with Quirien Lemey, Senior Portfolio Manager O2 & Ecology is one of the seven major themes in the DECALIA Sustainable SOCIETY Fund that will shape our society of tomorrow. There is enormous potential in silicon carbide, and here’s what you should know about it: Norway has just become the first country to reach 20% […]

10 predictions for 2023 (part 1)

Happy New Year and Best Wishes for a healthy and investment successful 2023! I suspect that experiencing a boring year will already do most of the trick. As we start a new year, I have polished my crystal ball in order to make 10 predictions that could shape financial markets and portfolio returns in 2023. […]

From “just-in-time” to “just-in-case”

Chinese authorities seem to be finally putting an end to their strict zero Covid policy. But the pandemic, with its extended periods of factory lockdowns and port closures in China, will leave a lasting mark on supply chains. Starting in March 2020, populations and company managements alike learnt in the hard way that access to […]

DECALIA Private Markets activity hits CHF1.5BN

DECALIA Private Markets platform continues to see positive developments, with the activity surpassing the CHF 1.5 billion mark. DECALIA Private Markets’ innovative model seeks to provide acceleration capital to specialised emerging managers, while generating asymmetrical value for investors. The pluriannual track record, achieved by its experienced team, has shown strong value creation. “We are delighted […]