Private Equity


Our goal is to support small and medium-sized Swiss enterprises in their growth plans.

DECALIA Capital has clear guidelines for direct investments which provide the framework for its activity.


DECALIA Capital’s strategy

Many investors, disappointed by increasingly standardised and abstract financial products, are looking for investments that are both more profitable and better anchored in the real economy.

In addition, many entrepreneurs are looking for additional financial resources to support their growth plans.

To meet these specific requests, we created DECALIA Capital, an entity dedicated to direct investments in unlisted companies.

Thanks to its proven experience in private equity and in-depth knowledge of the Swiss market, our team enables clients with a longer investment horizon to invest or co-invest in fast-growing companies. The extensive network of DECALIA Capital’s partners, who have been active in this field in Switzerland since 2005, as well as that of DECALIA’s partners, enables us to offer access to the most promising opportunities.

In order to ensure a full alignment of interests, we systematically co-invest alongside our clients.

Growing markets

Support tomorrow’s leaders

We prefer to support companies that have a strong strategic position in growing markets.

In addition, we favour companies run by families or entrepreneurs, supported by motivated and experienced management teams.

Finally, we look primarily for companies with a convincing growth history and realistic development plans.


Optimise performance and create long-term value

Far from being passive investors, we help leaders manage the transition and build strong governance.

We assist them in the implementation of development strategies and we support them in their domestic and international expansion projects, in order to accelerate their organic and external growth.

Swiss SMEs

Precise criteria

We prefer Swiss SMEs, with an enterprise value in the CHF 30 to 100 million range.

Irrespective of their sector of activity, we favour companies that have low exposure to economic cycles or technological breakthroughs and enjoy a sustainable competitive advantage.

Majority shareholding

A control position

Rather than being passive investors, we want to play an active role in buyouts (LBO, LMBO, OBO,…) or capital expansion situations.

That is why we take majority stakes or minority holdings with significant control rights. In addition, we systematically sit on the Board of Directors.


Our team has a wide range of direct investments in Switzerland to its credit:

Rent guaranteeLBO
Swiss leader in waste managementLBO
First Swiss network of dental clinicsLBO
Network of fitness clubs in French-speaking SwitzerlandLBO
One of the leading construction and civil engineering companies in French-speaking SwitzerlandLBO
Swiss group of helicopter companiesCapital development
Specialist in cleaning and facility services in French-speaking SwitzerlandLBO
Reference in the design and production of parts responding to tribological issues in complex environmentsLBO
Swiss Radiology GroupLBO
Swiss Physiotherapy GroupLBO
EDGE Strategy is the leading global SaaS-based solution to measure, accelerate and certify gender and intersectional equityGrowth

Sustainable Finance Disclosure

DECALIA Capital Co-Invest GP S.à.r.l. (“DECALIA Capital”) while considering the environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects in assessing the investments, does however not integrate ESG criteria in its processes, nor consider possible adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors. 

DECALIA Capital does not consider possible adverse impacts of its investment decisions on sustainability factors because it offers investors a broad range of investment products that include sustainability focused investment products as well as products that do not pursue a sustainable investing approach.

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