Wealth Management

Investment process

DECALIA’s wealth management team is made up of seasoned investment professionals, who master all aspects of private banking.


Investment technicians

DECALIA considers itself above all as an investment technician. The company therefore applies to private wealth management the techniques that have proven successful in the most demanding field: institutional asset management.


Performance is rooted in discipline

Even though DECALIA firmly believes in talent, it is convinced that long-term performance can only be the result of a rigorous methodology and a disciplined and consistent investment process, based on sound macroeconomic scenarios and fundamental analysis.


Rigorous process

Grounded in thorough in-house thinking as well as external input from recognised experts, the Strategy Committee meets once a month to determine the strategic asset allocation. This defines, for each risk profile, exposure to the various asset classes, geographic regions and currencies.

A “bottom-up” approach, which takes into account both fundamental micro-economic company analysis and a relevant investment fund selection, is then applied in order to build model portfolios for each risk profile and reference currency.


Periodic review

This process is implemented on a weekly basis during an ad hoc Investment Committee, in order to review investments and adapt model portfolios for each investment profile.

During these meetings, analysts suggest new investment opportunities, purchases or sales of securities, fund switches or necessary currency adjustments.


Tailored implementation

When implementing the general allocation into each portfolio, special care is taken to ensure that investment constraints are taken into account, both in terms of allocation and stock selection, so as to reflect client-specific personal, tax and legal considerations.


Our priority: risk management

Because, beyond performance, DECALIA’s prime objective remains capital preservation, its investment philosophy attaches great importance to risk management, through sophisticated valuation and volatility-limitation tools.

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