These are the elements that make up DECALIA’s personality and make it different.


Exploring new trends

Our philosophy is to deliver performance through innovative investment strategies.

Never rest on past successes, be bold and venture out, be independent and often even a pioneer, that is how best to describe DECALIA’s personality.

Exploring new trends: the difference that benefits our clients.

Sophisticated ASSET management

DNA that originates from institutional asset management

DECALIA applies the sophisticated techniques pertaining to its asset management background in order to transcend the limits of traditional private banking. Greater discipline – relying on consistent processes, a sound macroeconomic scenario and fundamental analysis – underpins better fund management results.

In turn, private clients benefit from the same management and advice quality as in the investment funds intended for professionals.


Decades of experience in portfolio management

Nothing can replace practical experience of the business, because reality is always different from academic theory. And it is only over time that one acquires an in-depth and hands-on knowledge of the techniques and tools, an ability to cope with unexpected situations and a good understanding of the psychological factors that influence investor decisions.


Modern portfolio management based on a transparent process

Embedded in centuries-old principles of quality and ethics, DECALIA is in addition resolutely future-oriented, offering modern portfolio management within the framework of a transparent investment process.


A company owned by its management ensuring the alignment of interests

DECALIA’s managers and historical employees are also its shareholders, a true commitment to credibility and continuity. United around the same long-term vision, they can hence set up the conditions for a lasting success: the total commitment to clients’ satisfaction.


Expertise in identifying specialised managers

While boasting strong expertise in the main asset classes, DECALIA also knows to enlist best-of-breed external skills when deemed necessary. DECALIA has thus developed substantial know-how in the analysis and selection of specialist asset managers for specific asset classes or styles that – by choice – are not developed in-house.