Acquisition of a Logistics Asset in Meyrin/Satigny (GE) for Varia Swiss Realtech Properties

Varia Swiss Realtech Properties continues to successfully expand its commercial portfolio with the acquisition of a new logistic/industrial asset strategically located in the dynamic area of Meyrin/Satigny (Geneva). This acquisition is part of a short-term re-leasing strategy, to be followed by a redevelopment of the 11’000 sqm plot. Largely oriented towards light industrial and logistics […]


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DECALIA promotes Antonio Garufi as Lead Portfolio Manager

DECALIA has promoted Antonio Garufi as lead portfolio manager for the DECALIA Circular Economy fund. Antonio Garufi has led the research team that developed the proprietary investment universe for the Circular Economy theme, and has been the co-portfolio manager of DECALIA Circular Economy since launch.

DECALIA, a Swiss pioneer in the circular economy

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has just released «Financing the Circular Economy: Capturing the Opportunity», outlining why finance is vital to the transition to a circular economy. Decalia, a Swiss pioneer in the circular economy, is mentioned in the report for managing one of the very few equity funds devoted exclusively to this theme.