The greenback may bend but it won’t break

DECALIA Market Updates by Fabrizio Quirighetti, CIO and Head of Multi-Asset Let’s start first by trying to explain the recent USD depreciation against most major currencies. It is basically due to the dollar smile phenomenon, observed about 20 years ago by Stephen Li Jen: the USD tends to outperform other currencies in two extremely different […]

DECALIA attending IPEM 2023 in Paris

DECALIA will be attending IPEM 2023 in #paris this September.Nicolo Miscioscia, Partner and Head of Private Markets will join the panel “How do you run a successful emerging manager program?”.Come and meet Nicolo Miscioscia, Rafaella Ostier, Business Development and Franco Maria Facecchia, Private Markets.See you in Paris! 🚀🚀

DECALIA and SuperReturn

“We pivot to where the #opportunity lies. As credit investors, our bias is to prepare for the worst. But at times of #dislocation if you know where to look there are always segments with attractive conditions for dealmakers.”👉Read the SuperReturn article with Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio Manager for Private Credit at DECALIA.

DECALIA and Fame Gallery in Zürich

End of June, we had the honor of diving into a world of inspiring art and color at the Fame gallery in #Zurich. The “Colors from the Levant” allowed you to discover and enjoy an immersion in a captivating and artistic Levant region.  Thank you to Dina Dabbas Rifai for the curation of the artworks and Thank you Fame […]

Oops, Hi did it again!

Given the media and market hype surrounding Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days, let us here take a step back and adopt a more balanced view. AI is not likely to fully replace Human Intelligence (HI) but will rather enhance it, augment it, and ultimately enable it to continue to lead mankind’s innovation and evolution. […]

Small is beautiful: one of the key tenets of the DECALIA sustainable SOCIETY

The current market conditions present a compelling case for increasing Small- and Mid-cap allocation. These stocks have recently underperformed larger peers by a significant margin, potentially indicating that a recession is already priced in. Moreover, their attractive valuation ratios, coupled with their historical tendency to outperform early in the economic cycle after central banks have […]

Turning the tide: The promise of anti-obesity drugs

Interview with Roberto Magnatantini, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager and Iana Perova, Equity Analyst We’re introducing our new Wellness Series, where we shine a spotlight on the most captivating health trends, bringing you insights into the most recent and intriguing developments in the realm of well-being. So, grab your beach towel and get ready to dive […]

DECALIA attending the UCITS &AIFMD conference

📢 DECALIA will be attending the UCITS & AIFMD conference in #Luxembourg on Wednesday June 21. Lucie Lannoo, DECALIA Private Markets, will be joining a panel where they will discuss “The changing face of distribution in the EU and US” with John Hunt, Sullivan & Worcester LLP, Lewis Dutton, Aviva Investors.