SPHERE week on ESG

Next Sphere ESG Conference in Zurich (April 5) & Geneva (April 7): Alexander Roose, Head of Equities & co-PM of DECALIA Sustainable SOCIETY will discuss impact investing through the value chain analysis.

Greener buildings

• More efficient heating/cooling systems are paramount in fighting climate change • Technology, regulation & investment are helping drive down “operational carbon”… • …making “embodied carbon” the next frontier for building industry – and investors Alongside their many other geopolitical, economic and human ramifications, the dramatic events in Ukraine have pushed the oil price above […]

Sustainable SOCIETY: DECALIA’s new thematic strategy

The Swiss based asset manager DECALIA SA (“DECALIA”) launches a multi-thematic equity strategy, investing in companies that will shape tomorrow’s society. The strategy is co-managed by Alexander Roose & Quirien Lemey and invests in the seven themes regrouped by the acronym SOCIETY (– Security, O2 & Ecology, Cloud & Digital, Industry 5.0, Elder & Wellbeing, […]

Vintage has become SO trendy!

Second-hand online exchanges are thriving, thanks to the pandemic but not only. Going forward, they stand to play a key role in a more circular economy… …as well as being an attractive – high margin/return/growth – investment space. The move towards a more circular economy is far from just a short-term fad. Unlike many other […]

Bespoke diet: from hype to reality

Personalised food is no longer a premium (and somewhat arcane) niche market Technological progress, as well as greater health awareness, is driving growth Picking winners in this burgeoning industry is no easy task though As 2022 sets in, no doubt that many of the new year resolutions being taken have to do with a healthier […]

A roaring pet economy

In the Covid-world of the past 18 months, human bonding to pets has strengthened Globally the pet products/services market looks set to reach $350 billion by 2027 Plenty of investment opportunities albeit not always pureplay and often expensive

Fighting Cybercrime

Cybersecurity is taking on utmost importance, in both the public and private sector Legacy data protection systems require a complete overhaul, towards “Zero Trust” Cloud native players are disrupting traditional security providers

Precision farming

Technological advances are revolutionising agriculture practices… … promising lower costs, higher productivity and, above all, enhanced sustainability The investment world is buzzing with new up-and-coming agtech companies