A new era for women’s sports

• Growing audiences, TV rights, sponsorships, company revenues… • … the ball is rolling fast on the women’s sports field • Enough to hope for the gender pay gap to recede? They brought it home! A feminine “they”, mind you, in the final match of a Euro 2022 tournament that heralds a new era for […]

Towards a bluer economy

•Sustainable exploitation of the maritime environment is key to fight climate change •Addressing the plastic waste issue will require significant (public and private) funds •Recycling should be expanded – making for diverse investment opportunities Those lucky to be enjoying a beach vacation this summer certainly want to swim in pristine waters. But it is not […]

Goodbye to tracking?

•Enabling iPhone users to refuse tracking was not just about defending privacy •Ad budgets are shifting to platforms with first-party access to customer data •Regulators need to balance risks to competition with privacy benefits for users When Apple introduced App Tracking Transparency (ATT) back in April 2021, forcing applications to request permission before monitoring user […]

Beach 2.0: a love boat?

•The lifting of Covid restrictions is boosting demand for travel and recreation •Companies are scrambling to recruit additional workers & having to pay up for them •Stocks prices are still scarred, making for some interesting but selective opportunities With summer almost here, the call for the BEACH is growing – as in Booking, Entertainment, Airlines, […]

The metaverse: A critical view from a tech investor

CONTENT What is it and is it new? Imagination on the loose? So how can we invest? And what about ESG considerations? The metaverse, the newest buzzword in town. Ever since Facebook, one of the largest companies in the world, decided to change its name to Meta and pledged to invest $10bn a year in […]

Li-ion batteries: the new frontier

•Surging demand for electric cars has driven lithium prices to stratospheric levels •As supply has fallen behind the curve, procurement is a key focus for auto makers •They are also investing heavily into battery manufacturing – vying for a competitive edge Elon Musk just made the headlines with his acquisition of Twitter. What if his […]

The ultimate resource

•Limited supply and increasing demand: such are the dynamics of the water market •Climate change only worsens the picture, heralding shortages and conflicts •The need -and investment opportunity- for better infrastructure/efficiency is great With the war in Ukraine, access to energy and agricultural commodities is an immediate worry and, quite understandably, the subject of much […]

Greener buildings

• More efficient heating/cooling systems are paramount in fighting climate change • Technology, regulation & investment are helping drive down “operational carbon”… • …making “embodied carbon” the next frontier for building industry – and investors Alongside their many other geopolitical, economic and human ramifications, the dramatic events in Ukraine have pushed the oil price above […]

Vintage has become SO trendy!

Second-hand online exchanges are thriving, thanks to the pandemic but not only. Going forward, they stand to play a key role in a more circular economy… …as well as being an attractive – high margin/return/growth – investment space. The move towards a more circular economy is far from just a short-term fad. Unlike many other […]