The great demographic challenge

If deciphering the economic cycle has never been this difficult, it is certainly because other, more structural forces are currently at play. Beyond complicating the interpretation of economic reports, the Covid pandemic and subsequent war in Ukraine have also served to accelerate some underlying trends. It is quite possible that we stand today on the […]

Embracing a shame-free future for air travel

Beneath the majestic sweep of an airplane’s wings lies a world of contradictions. For the excitement of discovering new destinations often also entails guilt about the carbon footprint that such travel leaves. What if we could ease this conflict and find a way to balance our desire to fly with that of taking care of […]

The urge to travel

The travel industry is on fire in this 2023 summer season. A sharp recovery in demand, record-breaking customer bookings, China’s reopening, renewed pricing power: most companies are currently enjoying margins at or above pre-pandemic levels.Beware, however, not to fully give in to the prevailing euphoria. In a world of high interest rates and slowing economic […]

Oops, Hi did it again!

Given the media and market hype surrounding Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) these days, let us here take a step back and adopt a more balanced view. AI is not likely to fully replace Human Intelligence (HI) but will rather enhance it, augment it, and ultimately enable it to continue to lead mankind’s innovation and evolution. […]

The case for small- and mid-cap stocks

The time to consider increase small- and mid-cap exposure is now! Over the past few months, these stocks have underperformed their larger peers by a wide margin, to the point, we would argue, of already pricing in a recession. Together with their currently attractive valuation ratios and historically demonstrated tendency to shine early in the […]

Centennial edition

In this celebratory issue, we look back to all that has occurred – in financial markets and the world more generally – during the last 100 months. And, must we say, what a ride these eight and something years have been! Our first “Investment Insights” was written just weeks after the Swiss National Bank (SNB) […]

Bank run 101

The run on Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) happened largely online, but in essence it was no different to what generations of children have watched in Mary Poppins. When young Michael protests that he wants his tuppence back (to feed the street pigeons!), other customers question whether their own money is really “safe and sound” – […]

CDMO: an acronym that spells opportunity

After the empty supermarket shelves of the Covid days, it is now pharmacies that are struggling to procure even the most common cold and flu medicines, as many an anxious parent has no doubt experienced. Unusually high seasonal demand is playing a role, but the bigger issues clearly lie on the production side. Pressured by […]

The many virtues of sport

Among the usual new year resolutions, adopting a healthier lifestyle tends to figure high on the list. In 2023, investors too may be well inspired to increase their exposure to sport, with the industry looking extremely attractive at this juncture – particularly in the US. Solid top-line growth, margin expansion and business resiliency: the ingredients […]

From “just-in-time” to “just-in-case”

Chinese authorities seem to be finally putting an end to their strict zero Covid policy. But the pandemic, with its extended periods of factory lockdowns and port closures in China, will leave a lasting mark on supply chains. Starting in March 2020, populations and company managements alike learnt in the hard way that access to […]

And the ESG winner is…

As the “Qatar World Cup of Shame”, to quote Amnesty International, sees the top football nations compete in brand new air-conditioned stadiums, we in true DECALIA tradition – and with perhaps just a touch of irony – propose an alternative competition. One in which these 32 countries win or lose their games based not on […]