Investing in US sports: more than a game

Enticing, less correlated returns for those with an entry ticket Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio Manager of Private Markets Strategies Read our latest Private Markets quarterly article US Sports Investing: More Than A Game, discussing how the US sports industry has begun to open up to institutional capital, creating attractive opportunities for the early movers in […]

The film production industry and its use of private debt

An interview with the Align Group, a film financing specialist A fast growing market decorrelated from the financial markets Transformed by Covid and the growing success of streaming platforms A new, dynamic environment, offering opportunities and attractive return What major trends are currently driving the film production market? At the moment, the growing success of […]

Leveraging on the new normal

The case for european venture debt The tech sector is not broken, valuations are going through readjustment A new scenario has emerged leading to increased cost of the equity vs debt Market shift from “growth at all costs” businesses to profitability model Since our latest publication, the European tech private market continues to evolve in […]

Rebalancing for rising rates

Read our latest Private Markets quarterly article Rebalancing for Rising Rates discussing which private markets strategies are likely to outperform in a rising interest rate environment, by our Lead Alternative Portfolio Manager, Reji Vettasseri. Key conclusions: Private credit favoured over highly levered LBO deals – Private credit set to earn higher yields as rates rise, […]

Responding to dislocation

Private Credit’s history of adapting to change and crisis Lessons from history: superior returns in turbulent times Private credit after 2008: filling the financing gap Private credit for today: the rise of specialized

Infinite Money

New paradigms and challenges for investors – A case for private markets Secular disruptions in the economy The comeback of private markets DECALIA Perspectives