DECALIA attending SuperRetur Middle East

DECALIA will be attending SuperReturn Middle East in #dubai this November 1st.  Franco Maria Facecchia, Principal Private Markets will join the panel “Emerging Managers: Proving your worth”. Come and meet Franco, see you in Dubai! 🚀🚀

Catch me if you can!

Over the past few weeks, I have tried to show that US financial conditions may not be as restrictive as one might think, given the Fed’s swift rate hike since March 2022 (from 0.25% to 5.5% in 18 months). As a result, the US economy has proved much more resilient than expected so far. Among […]

Please, don’t mess up!

In a week overshadowed by the geopolitical tensions in the Middle-East after the terrorist attack from Hamas in Israel, the IMF’s latest economic outlook, released last week during the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Marrakesh, went almost unnoticed. While it wasn’t obviously as tragic as many events currently unfolding around us, […]

Real Deals ESG Awards 2023

Last week DECALIA participated in the Real Deals ESG Awards #ceremony as a #finalist for its DECALIA Private Credit Strategies programme alongside some of the leading private markets #investors in Europe.«At DECALIA we believe that focussing on ESG and impact goes hand-in-hand with driving superior #returns over the long-term. We are honoured that our efforts to be at the forefront of the #industry in this regard are being recognised. » Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio […]

Something has changed

I think I have had another calling, like in the Netflix series “Manifest” (see my weekly letter of August 22nd, 2022), as I was feeling and I have thus argued that something was changing or has changed for some time now… Actually, it all started at the end of last year when I did a […]

The great demographic challenge

If deciphering the economic cycle has never been this difficult, it is certainly because other, more structural forces are currently at play. Beyond complicating the interpretation of economic reports, the Covid pandemic and subsequent war in Ukraine have also served to accelerate some underlying trends. It is quite possible that we stand today on the […]

Is there a big canary in the mine’s financial pipes?

Considering the increase in US long rates (both nominal and real ones) over the last few weeks, the ongoing disinflation process and the renewed strength of the greenback lately, gold prices in USD have proved more resilient than expected so far this year. Especially if you remember what happened during the tapper tantrum in 2013… […]

Private credit in a golden moment

Reji Vettasseri. Lead Portfolio Manager of DECALIA Private Credit Strategies The Rise Of Private Credit Earlier this year, Blackstone’s president Jonathan Gray claimed that private credit had entered a “golden moment”. This sentiment, and often the phrase itself, has since been frequently repeated by top brass at firms from BlackRock to Goldman to JP Morgan. […]