Anyone for a meatless burger?

Eating too much meat is bad for the health, the environment and the conscience The market for plant-based substitutes is transitioning from niche to mainstream Sensory experience, price and availability: the three hurdles to mass adoption

Gender diversity matters

The trend towards ESG investing continued unabated in 2020 Social and Governance issues took centre stage, in a troubled context Diverse leadership brings clear benefits – not just in the corporate world?

The holy grail of immortality

Scientists are making rapid progress in deciphering the mechanics of ageing Much extended human lifespans no longer belong to the realm of fantasy Plenty of beneficiaries beyond transformational or technology companies

The emergence of China as a sport superpower

The Chinese sport industry will reach $696 billion by 2035. Chinese government intends to encourage 700 million people to have a physical activity once a week. The local sports brands benefit from the renewed patriotism of Chinese consumers.