Precision farming

Technological advances are revolutionising agriculture practices… … promising lower costs, higher productivity and, above all, enhanced sustainability The investment world is buzzing with new up-and-coming agtech companies

A good time for a new taste!

Few industries have been as hard hit as restaurants during the Covid pandemic Digitalisation, merchandising, layout: new ways of doing business are here to stay Customers are looking for an “experience”, whether eating out or at home

DECALIA Millennials – Invest in the next generation

The Millennials generation is described as the people born between 1980 and 2000. There are more than 2 billion Millennials in the world, and they represent one third of the world population. They are already the biggest workforce in America with $200 billion in annual purchasing power. By 2030, Millennials will account for 75% of […]

E-bike shortages

Rising demand for e-bikes is more than just a temporary phenomenon Ongoing supply chain disruptions are making for much extended delivery times The whole biking ecosystem is thriving, as mobility undergoes a (green) revolution

The case against oil bashing

Under mounting pressure, Big Oil is struggling to shake off its negative image Yet, many producers – notably European – are actively transitioning their business Being invested means having a say in this change… and reaping attractive returns?

L’immense potentiel de la transformation du secteur de la construction

« Une transition inévitable vers la construction durable », par Antonio Garufi (gérant de Decalia Circular Economy) pour le magazine Agefi. “Après le plongeon obligé du printemps 2020, le secteur de la construction a opéré un magnifique rétablissement. Après une contraction de près de 3% enregistrée l’an dernier, il pourrait gagner plus de 5% cette […]

And the winner is… Switzerland

This month will – at long last – see 24 nations contend for the Euro 2020 trophy Defying football odds, our macro scoring system puts Switzerland as the favourite Defence, midfield, attack: to perform well a portfolio must be strong all-round

DECALIA s’engage auprès de Yael Margelisch

Decalia s’implique pour la première fois dans l’univers du sport. Nous nous sommes engagée aux côtés de Yael Margelisch, la championne suisse de parapente, dans le cadre de sa participation aux Red Bull Xalps, la course “hike & fly” la plus exigeante au monde.