2024 Equity OUTLOOK: The year after the great performance polarisation?

By Alexander Roose, Head of Equities and co-lead PM of the DECALIA Sustainable strategy Despite the market surge in the last 3 months of 2023 and the consensual view of a soft landing, we are confident that 2024 will provide upside for equity markets. Read Alexander’s thoughts about: •A broader participation to market performance expected […]

Small is beautiful: Dive into DECALIA’s Circular Economy strategy

The current market conditions present a compelling case for increasing Small- and Mid-cap allocation. These stocks have recently underperformed larger peers by a significant margin, potentially indicating that a recession is already priced in. Moreover, their attractive valuation ratios, coupled with their historical tendency to outperform early in the economic cycle after central banks have […]

DECALIA Millennials – Invest in the next generation

The Millennials generation is described as the people born between 1980 and 2000. There are more than 2 billion Millennials in the world, and they represent one third of the world population. They are already the biggest workforce in America with $200 billion in annual purchasing power. By 2030, Millennials will account for 75% of […]

The emergence of China as a sport superpower

The Chinese sport industry will reach $696 billion by 2035. Chinese government intends to encourage 700 million people to have a physical activity once a week. The local sports brands benefit from the renewed patriotism of Chinese consumers.

COVID-19: Remote Work, a new normal?

At the time of writing, more than 3 billion people are confined to homes across the world due to COVID-19. Remote work is now undoubtedly becoming the “new normal” for many businesses, even with the presence of children at home. Remote Work has always been one of the sub themes in our DECALIA Circular Economy […]

How I learnt to love confinement and live like a Millennial

At the time of writing, Italy, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, and France have all gone on nation-wide lockdowns. The UK, and we assume many others, are likely to follow suit, soon. There is no precedent for almost entire populations working from home, with schools and borders shut. These are truly extraordinary times, and not a scenario […]