Un Noël aux tons rouge et or

Les fêtes de fin d’année, avec leur habituelle frénésie acheteuse, sont désormais derrière. Cela étant, le bien connu « Black Friday » mériterait probablement d’être renommé « Red Friday ». Le commerce électronique a en effet pris une tournure résolument transfrontalière ce Noël, les plateformes chinoises déboulant en masse, et se jouant des lois douanières américaines. Une situation qui […]

DECALIA shortlisted for European Investor

We would be honoured if you would consider voting for DECALIA in the Private Debt Investor Awards, where for the second year running we have been shortlisted for European Investor of the Year 2023 🔥🔥. You can vote by clicking the link below, and participating in the European section of the survey.👉 Thank you to all of our #clients, #partners and #team members who […]

A difficult art indeed

“Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future…”. Like every year at the same time, I have indeed to admit it as I look back at my own predictions made at the very beginning of each year. So, it’s now time to see how I scored on my 10 predictions for 2023 (even […]

Private Credit in a Golden moment

At DECALIA we believe we are particularly well positioned in this environment with the current macro climate where the private credit industry is talking about a « golden moment ». We focus on playing in the « gaps », providing bespoke solutions for those who are underserved by traditional lenders.

The Kangaroo’s jump

The latest US employment report put a dent in the Fed’s pivot narrative with somewhat higher than expected nonfarm payrolls (+199k, in line with the last 6 months average) and, more importantly, a lower unemployment rate (-0.2% to 3.7% in November). Indeed, this decline in unemployment rate invalidated, at least theoretically, a recession signal from […]

DECALIA in Private Debt Investor

For their latest cover story on the outlook for private credit, Private Debt Investor talked to “some of the asset class’s most prominent supporters”.  Reji Vettasseri from DECALIA Private Markets was one of them and gives his views.

Beware of the Grinch

Latest US data and some Fed members statements reinforced the current optimistic views made of resilient growth and ongoing disinflation. Consumers income and spending are indeed still expanding, manufacturing activity is holding well according to latest ISM, while the Fed’s favorite inflation gauge, the PCE deflator, decelerated further in October. The headline reading was actually […]

Le pouvoir du sport

Plus qu’une simple compétition, la Course de l’Escalade, qui se déroule début décembre, est devenue une véritable tradition genevoise. Et ce qui pousse des milliers de participants, de tous âges et niveaux, à enfiler régulièrement leurs baskets malgré les frimas automnaux et les jours qui raccourcissent. Au-delà des résultats obtenus le jour J, les bénéfices […]