How emerging managers can stand out in a tough environment

Launching a new fund during the current challenging #fundraising#environment might seem like an impossible task. However, some managers are bucking the #trend with a variety of unconventional #strategies and innovative approaches.At the table: Roxana Mirica, Paul Newsome, Joanna Ernst, Eleanor Blagbrough, Nicolo Miscioscia, Partner and Head of Private Markets at DECALIA, Jean-Marc Jabre, Mark Vidamour, Ryan Taylor, moderated by Taku Dzimwasha, editor, Real Deals.

Trick or Treat?

At the time this letter will hit your screen I will be on holiday. While I will obviously enjoy it and benefit fully from my days off treat, I am somewhat concerned about the many tricks that markets may play to frighten investors during my absence as a busy data-packed week await us. In the […]

Good food, good life* : la santé et le bien-être

*Déclaration de Nestlé Entretien avec Alexander Roose, Responsable actions, gérant senior et Gian-Luca Grassini, Analyste financier et ESG Nous avons inauguré cette année notre nouvelle série sur le bien-être, dans laquelle nous braquons les projecteurs sur les tendances les plus captivantes en matière de santé, en vous donnant un aperçu des évolutions les plus récentes […]

DECALIA attending SuperRetur Middle East

DECALIA will be attending SuperReturn Middle East in #dubai this November 1st.  Franco Maria Facecchia, Principal Private Markets will join the panel « Emerging Managers: Proving your worth ». Come and meet Franco, see you in Dubai! 🚀🚀

Catch me if you can!

Over the past few weeks, I have tried to show that US financial conditions may not be as restrictive as one might think, given the Fed’s swift rate hike since March 2022 (from 0.25% to 5.5% in 18 months). As a result, the US economy has proved much more resilient than expected so far. Among […]

Please, don’t mess up!

In a week overshadowed by the geopolitical tensions in the Middle-East after the terrorist attack from Hamas in Israel, the IMF’s latest economic outlook, released last week during the annual meetings of the IMF and World Bank in Marrakesh, went almost unnoticed. While it wasn’t obviously as tragic as many events currently unfolding around us, […]

Real Deals ESG Awards 2023

Last week DECALIA participated in the Real Deals ESG Awards #ceremony as a #finalist for its DECALIA Private Credit Strategies programme alongside some of the leading private markets #investors in Europe.«At DECALIA we believe that focussing on ESG and impact goes hand-in-hand with driving superior #returns over the long-term. We are honoured that our efforts to be at the forefront of the #industry in this regard are being recognised. » Reji Vettasseri, Lead Portfolio […]


Dans le journal Le Temps d’hier, la chronique de Alfredo Piacentini, managing partner de DECALIA « Genève : quand « city » ne rimera plus avec « cité »Avec des banques genevoises qui ont décidé de quitter le centre-ville, le #réseautage sera moins intense au sein de la place financière…