The longevity revolution

The investment theme focusing on Aging Populations is stronger than ever. Barron’s, The Economist, Netflix, seem to agree with us. Dive into DECALIA’s expertise. Details? Just ask. More Americans Are Working Into Their 80s. What’s Keeping Them in the Workforce. As the baby boomers age, it’s becoming more common for people to remain employed into […]

“SELECT study, a pivotal moment for the fight against obesity”

•Novo Nordisk’s “SELECT” study released ground-breaking results last week. •The study demonstrated that Wegovy, a GLP-1 anti-obesity drug, reduces severe cardiovascular risk by 20% for non-diabetic obese patients. •This was seen as a best-case scenario, boosting confidence in Novo and Eli Lilly in particular as it paves the way for public and private payer coverage, […]

Predicting Inflation

On inflation there has recently been a mea culpa by some major central banks. In the current economic situation, which indicators (including unconventional ones) can be considered most valid for predicting inflation? “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!” (Niels Bohr) and even more for inflation nowadays. Like many other key variables, […]