Another “G”, Sir?

5G promises much greater speed, more density, less latency – and better energy-efficiency Huawei under US fire – more to do with global 5G domination than trade considerations These technological advances will transform our world – opening up investment opportunities too


With their millions of followers, star athletes boast an ever-greater marketing clout Basketball epitomizes the importance of lucrative endorsements – and young talents On the court are Nike and Adidas… but also up-and-coming Chinese challengers

Rent-All services

Product as a Service – Why purchase a product when you could instead share it? A pay-for-use model promotes quality and longevity, rather than volume of production Rethinking how products are brought to consumers matters to all companies – and investors

Streaming out loud

Streaming media platforms have disrupted the entire entertainment ecosystem – More to come With the technology now mainstream, the (expensive) race for content is on… Picking the winning content makers will be key… but alternative investments offer value too

Rethinking Plastic

Public awareness of the plastic issue has never been so high – Change is underway Reuse, Recycle and Redesign: the way forward toward a “new plastics economy” Alternatives to plastic packaging set to regain long-lost market share – Spot the winners

The show must go on

From vinyl records to digital files, a wind of change has blown over the global music industry Streaming & concerts have overtaken physical sales – Revenues back to their 2006 peak in the US Digitalization has created new opportunities but not all players will top the Billboard charts

REdesign, REuse, REduce

The case for circular economy From linear to circular: our civilization functions with a linear approach in which we draw from a finite stock of raw materials and energy to make goods and services that we then throw away, generating often-toxic waste in a unbridled wastage of resources. This model is obviously not sustainable in […]