Sustainable SOCIETY: DECALIA’s new thematic strategy

The Swiss based asset manager DECALIA SA (“DECALIA”) launches a multi-thematic equity strategy, investing in companies that will shape tomorrow’s society.

The strategy is co-managed by Alexander Roose & Quirien Lemey and invests in the seven themes regrouped by the acronym SOCIETY (– Security, O2 & Ecology, Cloud & Digital, Industry 5.0, Elder & Wellbeing, Tech Med, Young Generation). Alexander Roose & Quirien Lemey are convinced that sectors and companies associated with these themes will show superior growth over the next decade. They also strongly believe ESG integration is at the core of the strategy’s investment process and should be applied in an active way.

The Sustainable SOCIETY strategy was launched late November and has reached the $ 100 million milestone. The strategy focuses on innovative and disruptive companies shaping the future of our society. It offers a unique combination of 5 features: multi-thematic, active ESG, mid-cap bias, barbell approach & active risk management.
The two managers operate the same proven investment process that have made them so successful in sustainable thematic investing over the past 10 years.

Alexander Roose joined DECALIA last September as Head of Equities & Quirien Lemey, as Senior Portfolio Manager to strengthen the equity investment team. Alexander Roose brings 20 years’ experience managing equity investment teams and funds. He was previously CIO Fundamental Equity & Head of Sustainable Equities at Degroof Petercam Asset Management (DPAM), where assets under management in equities grew from € 3 Bn to € 10 Bn, under his tenure.
Quirien Lemey has 13 years’ experience as an analyst and fund manager, the last 11 years being at Degroof Petercam Asset Management (DPAM). In 2021, Quirien was ranked 7th best fund manager in Europe by Citywire Selector.

“Alexander Roose & Quirien Lemey are very talented managers and we are really pleased that they have joined DECALIA . Managing thematic funds has been a key success factor on our firm’s development and we now regard sustainable multi-thematic investment as a natural evolution to our existing strategy offering”, said Xavier Guillon, Partner and Head of DECALIA Funds. “We are very excited with our new project and look forward to reconnect with our former investors across Europe.” added Alexander Roose, Head of Equities and Quirien Lemey, Senior Portfolio Manager.